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Goes by Kia, Kia kia, Miss Kia, Kia girl; whichever you prefer. Eighteen years old, lives in Toronto, Canada. Cheerful, cute, random, squeeful but can be stubborn and determined. Likes Japanese music such as HYDE, L'Arc~en~Ciel, FAKE?, Aya Matsuura, Ayumi Hamasaki & more. Likes to write and rp. Dislikes lack of money, rude people and elitists. Love is haitsu, sometimes gakuhai.


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Dark Innocent Jazmine nutmeg
Shiz nyde Helayne
Melanie Diania Tali
Mario Cheri


+ hyde X tetsu
+ gackt X hyde
+ laruku awards


+ Janne Da Arc
+ L'Arc~en~Ciel
+ Dive to Blue


+ Offer and Demand by Michelle
+ Working the Streets by Michelle
+ sai wa nagerareta by fire angel
+ Won't Bloom Without You by strawberrykuma


This layout features Aya Matsuura, Japanese solo artist and associated with the Hello!Project. Graphics made by me and coding for the layout helped with from everything_lj.

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